What It Means to Heal and Transform

Most of us have gone through some challenges and difficulties in life. These challenges and difficulties may have battered us and created wounds that may be difficult to cure. Even so, these wounds should not remain with us for the rest of our lives. We always have the power to heal them.

Healing and transformation are necessary processes in life. They allow us to move forward to reach the greater things that still lie ahead. Healing and transformation ultimately prevent us from being stagnant and allow us to grow constantly as individuals.

There are many purposes behind why we choose to heal and transform. Some of us do so to make ourselves feel better, while others heal and transform to be able to build better relationships with other people. Indeed, healing and transformation bring numerous great things to our lives: emotional and mental stability, opportunities for new beginnings, and more. But, in essence, what does it really mean to heal and transform? The main answer boils down to three things:

It means to learn how to forgive

Healing and transformation come after forgiveness. We cannot heal and transform when our hearts are still filled with grief, anger, and resentment. Wounds require healing, and healing requires forgiveness. Even though forgiving may be difficult at first, it is necessary to keep our wounds from further bleeding.

Every one of us commits mistakes. As humans, we are never impeccable. We are always vulnerable to disappoint and hurt others and even ourselves. However, this does not mean that we can no longer live beyond our mistakes. There is always an opportunity for us to own up to our mistakes and learn from them. In the same way that we understand our imperfection, we must also recognize that other people also have their shares of faults and vulnerabilities just like us. For this reason, we need to be able to provide forgiveness whenever someone asks for it. Learning how to forgive will not only help us heal and transform, but it will also make us more aware of both our capacities and shortcomings.

It means to learn how to recognize the beauty of each moment

If we do not heal and transform, we are going to be stuck in the past for the rest of our lives. Healing and transformation are necessary to go beyond what has already happened in the past. The past is already gone. We can no longer change anything about it no matter how much we try. The only thing that we can do to overcome the pain or frustration that the past causes us is to let go, heal, and allow ourselves to be new.

To heal and transform means to learn how to recognize the beauty of each present moment. When we have already overcome the ghosts of the past, we will be able to focus more on what is in front of us at the moment, and on what still lies ahead. The present moment is more important than the bygones because it is the only thing that we have control over. So, let us forget the past, heal from it, and transform our minds to become more appreciative of what each present moment has to offer.

It means to become better

Lastly, healing and transformation provide us with the opportunity to grow as individuals. To heal and transform is to become better than we are yesterday. We will never become better individuals for as long as we continue to deprive ourselves of the opportunity to heal old wounds.

The challenges and difficulties that we encounter in life may sometimes be overwhelming and damaging enough to haunt us for a long time. Some of these challenges and difficulties may even leave scars on us. There is nothing wrong with scars, of course. It is not wrong to recognize the fact that we have been battered by the troubles of life. Everyone goes through the same process. Some of us even go through the process several times. Challenges, difficulties, and troubles are a natural part of life. However, everything just becomes wrong when we fail to take every challenges and difficulties in life as an opportunity to learn, heal, and improve ourselves.

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