The ego as defined by Sigmund Freud is the mediator between the impulsive and the animalistic drives of the id and the critical, moralizing comments and structure of the super-ego. It is the mature adult that balances the drives and wants of the child (id) and the parental structure that attempts to define what is okay and not(super-ego). This may somewhat be a complex definition but it summarizes the full context and understanding of “ego”.

From a spiritual perspective, the ego is more than a one dimensional definition. From a human perspective, it is self-image versus our true image or our soul. An untamed ego can lead to life of anxiety, fear and hatred while an ego that has been brought to light can be tamed.

The ego develops very early in life and is inherent in humans. It can be triggered and created out of necessity due to factors such as stress, fear and trauma, which in a way draws the line between what we truly feel or experience and what we allow ourselves to experience, leading to the formation of defense mechanism and illusion or delusions of what we truly experience. The ego can take us to compelling inner realizations and considerable understanding while it can also be flawed due to the nature of its creation. It is basically our sense of self or identity and a biological and spiritual tool that was created by and protects the belief that, we are all distinct individuals. As a result of this belief, we endure tremendously. The ego discerns life through the face of duality and duality is perceived as the opposite of reality wherein it is the division of life through its conflicting forces like good/bad, love/hate, right/wrong and holy/sinful.

In the process of division of life, we, as human beings, are affected and we suffer along the way. Judgment, hostility, denunciation and estrangement are the most common possible outcomes of having a dualistic ego. It is where we accept some things and reject other things as well.  Instead of wholeheartedly accepting life in all its fullness, we instead dissociate it into “acceptable” and “unacceptable”.

However, if we put a stop to this disparity, we will realize that all that we are and all that we need are within our reach. Our never ending search to become something, to lose something, to find something and to achieve something eventually vanishes. We will see beyond ourselves truth, joy, peace and love. The common truth is that we are paralleled in all things in this life. While the ego will forever be there, we become aware of it as simply an instrument and not who we really are.

We can heal in all aspects of our lives. We can resolve the emotional wounds and traumas that keep us in separation and limitation. We can relinquish the spiritual ego and the psychological ego and just be guided by our inner wisdom and choose love to guide us in all our actions.

In the end, we must love our ego and understand that it is needed. With time, we will definitely embrace its duality as we begin to comprehend the aspect of its inner power which will replace our old perception with a more loving and broader view of life and all that is around us.

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