If you would ask me if I love my life, I would probably answer with a big no and a grimacing face, but then, I would change my mind and scream yes at the top of my lungs. I mean, what is there not to love? The sounds of birds chirping in the morning, the smell of coffee and butter, a baby’s laughter and even the smiling faces of strangers you pass by in the streets make your day a little better. Everything about life is wonderful. All you have to do is to pay attention to even the simplest of things.

Yes, life is not always about laughter, relaxation and all that cheesy stuff. You struggle and experience pain too. Problems are a natural occurrence. They are unavoidable and we can’t really do anything but to solve them. Life is a rocky road. Along the way, we stumble on the rocks and fall. If you don’t stand up and brush it off, then you my friend, is stupid. You can’t just let bad vibes get into you. They are just challenges meant to be fought.

Life is short and we can’t unwind it.  We can’t predict what would happen in the future and we don’t have a delete button either. We do not have the power to turn back time and change our mistakes whatsoever. Instead of worrying about the future and settling in the past, why not live the moment? Focus on the present and do remarkable and exciting things. Take risk and go on an adventure. Get out of your comfort zone and do daring stuff you have never done before. Swim with the sharks, go bungee jumping or cliff diving, and even skinny dipping sounds fun! Go make a bucket list. Travel the world and meet new people. There are so much things to do in the world waiting for you. Set goals, be inspired and achieve your dreams.

In this world full of misery, I think our sole purpose is to be happy. Life is meant to be happy. Every single one deserves to be happy. Be optimistic and be contented with what you have. Being jealous of other people’s possessions such as material things will only make you frustrated. Appreciate the presence of people close to you. Love endlessly and unconditionally. Also, always remember that the best things in life can’t be bought by money. Your family and friends, they are priceless and irreplaceable. They are forever tattooed in our minds and hearts. Memories are something we can never forget. Reminiscing them will put a smile on your face and will even make you giggle or laugh. The embarrassing moments, the thrilling experiences and the sad moments with people you love are what make life worth living.

There is a big difference between living and just existing. If you are existing, you are just there, stiff with no life. Physically you are present but your soul and mind are missing. Living, on the other hand is being alive spiritually and emotionally. Living is cherishing and embracing every single second of your life. So, tell me, which one are you between the two?


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