Traumatized emotions are the hardest to cure and heal. It takes time and effort for us to overcome the pain we have inside. Emotional traumas are the worst anyone can experience and can entirely change a person’s life. It can make or break us so it is important to seek professional help if we can’t take it on our own so that we are guided in making decisions.

I think I’m right when I say each one of us gets to experience this difficult stage in our lives. No one is spared from it because for one thing, we are humans and we have emotions. In addition to that, we do not have full control of life’s situations. We don’t own everything and everyone and life has its own course.

It depends on us on how to cope with our emotional pain. Some seek professional help through prayers and support group. Others turn to their families and friends. Some individuals eat everything in sight, and others just cry there heart out.

Normally, these are the actions we take during the lowest part of our lives. It is difficult when you hang on to that pain to the point that you start to hate the person who hurt you, or worse, if you start to hate yourself and go to depression.

One can go through all those stages I mentioned above. Some of us go extreme and regret later. The best advice would be to follow the steps towards recovery:

One step is to accept reality. Denial is one of our reactions when our emotions are hurt. We are shocked and could not accept the fact. I realized that accepting our own fault is key to peace and letting go of all the bad emotions we have kept inside. Also, it is important that one should forgive the person who hurt you. Forgive others and forgive yourself. Forgiveness takes a lot of guts but if you learn to forgive someone as well as yourself, it heals all wounds for both of you. Forgiving makes you a better person, and for the other person to be at peace with himself as well. This could lead to a better relationship between the two of you.

Another good advice would be to ask support from your family and friends. They are always there to support and cheer you up. A short talk with them would help ease the pain. These are the people who understand and listen to you, no matter if it was your fault. They give you the best advice and honest-to-goodness opinions.

This is to remind ourselves that emotional traumas need enough time to heal. It is not an overnight process. We should be careful in dealing with our emotions because it affects our whole being, physically and mentally. It may never be easy but it will heal with time.

Trauma differs from one individual to another. The impact also differs as well as the response. But from emotional trauma comes a seasoned individual. As they heals the wounds, learned individuals also develops strength, independence, and courage. Lastly, he learns to differentiate happiness from sadness.


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