Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Eric Alsterberg, Ph.D.

Walk the spiritual path. Strive for inner joy. Seek harmony and unity in all. Be who you want to be. Every day is a great opportunity to make better and better choices in life. You are the key to your own healing and transformation.


Do you want to transform your life? Would you like a connection with the divine within yourself to create an intimate and sacred relationship with God?

Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary by Dr. Eric Alsterberg is a revolutionary how-to manual that will inspire you to recognize and understand the voice of the Higher Being that speaks within each of us. Alsterberg teaches you how to heal old emotional wounds and traumas, move away from dysfunctional patterns, and return to a more spiritual path. His astonishing insights into exploring the various challenges and adversities in life and viewing them as opportunities to evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually will become words to live by as we face an uncertain future in a secular society.

Accept the ultimate truth that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Relinquish your ego to walk a spiritual path and learn how to fully experience unconditional love, complete forgiveness and nonjudgement. Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary will teach you how to heal and transform your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, your community and ultimately, the nation and world in which we live.


We have a spiritual ego and a psychological ego that keep us trapped in dysfunctional patterns of thought and behavior. The spiritual ego promotes separation, differences, and spiritual pride that become the antithesis of walking a true spiritual path. The psychological ego prevents us from healing the emotional wounds and traumas we experience in life, preventing us from creating a path of joy, seeing harmony and unity in all, and progressively learning to walk the spiritual path. Ultimately both ego prevent us from increasingly choosing who we are and who we want to be, moving beyond the illusions of separation and limitation, and toward unity and spiritual transformation, or ascension.

* * *

We again have the opportunity to become co-creators with God. We again have the opportunity to walk the spiritual path, creating our lives as masterpieces of joy. Again we have the opportunity to make better and better choices about who we are and who we want to be.

* * *

This is a time of transformation for you and for the world. We have the opportunity now, more than ever, to collectively create a shift in consciousness that will transform the world. This planet is about to advance from a preschool civilization to a more advanced civilization in “the twinkling of an eye.” We can either do it willingly, peacefully and cooperatively, or it will be forced upon us as the result of catastrophic change, war and economic chaos.

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