Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Eric Alsterberg, Ph.D.


Dr. Eric Alsterberg is a licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan. He has been a practicing clinical psychologist for the past 32 years. He currently provides custody and parenting time evaluations and interventions for a local Court. He provides counseling and evaluations for our elders in nursing homes, and treats clients at an outpatient clinic focusing on various clinical issues.

Over the years, Dr. Alsterberg has worked with all age groups, from young children to our elders. He has treated both emotional problems as well as substance abuse problems. Increasingly he has blended metaphysical and spiritual approaches with psychological approaches when appropriate. He provides clinical hypnosis with some clients, which includes past memory regression and what he calls “vision hypnosis.” With vision hypnosis, clients sometimes connect with deceased relatives, their Angels or Spirit Guides, Angels or Archangels, or Ascended Masters.

As a metaphysical explorer he hosts healing circles twice a month, focusing on how to help humanity and Mother Earth move toward ascension. He is certified as a Teacher I with the Rocky Mountain Mystery School. He also participates with the Astara Mystery School. He practices Reconnective Healing I/II.

Dr. Alsterberg’s first book is Life IS An Adventure: a Guide to the Path of Joy. Part psychological, part self-help and part metaphysical, it explores understanding and applying basic truths to achieve joy.

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