A Brief Guide on Spiritual Healing

Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary is a comprehensive how-to-manual that emphasizes the importance of spiritual healing by Eric Alsterberg. In essence, spiritual healing is a kind of healing that deals with more than just the human body. It looks at diseases and illnesses through different lenses.

In the modern times, humans have become so preoccupied with a lot of things. The increasingly fast-paced world has left humans acting like robots whose eyes are always set on the ticking clock. When something in life goes wrong, people look for quick fixes. They go to doctors, take medicines, and expect solutions to their inner dilemmas in a matter of hours. However, sometimes, the problem is more than just about the body and the solution requires more than just taking a capsule of Ibuprofen. Sometimes, people need to undergo what is called as spiritual healing.

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing can be defined in several ways. It can pertain to the practice wherein one person (i.e., a spiritual healer) heals other people of their physical or emotional illness through prayer or meditation. This is also sometimes called ‘faith healing’. Commonly, it includes the transference of spiritual energy from the healer to the sick person through touching or the ‘laying on of hands’.

In a more non-specifically-religious terms, however, spiritual healing is a journey. It is the process of addressing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual toxins in a number of ways. It is about finding the connections you have lost in this noisy and busy world – it may be your connection with yourself, with your community, with the Higher Being, or simply with the beauty and sacredness of life. In other words, spiritual healing helps you transcend beyond your feelings of isolation because of a lack of connections, meaning, or purpose in life.

How to start spiritual healing?

As mentioned, spiritual healing begins in a number of ways. However, generally, spiritual healing begins with a ‘spiritual reawakening’. It occurs when someone, who has been dismissing their innate spirituality, suddenly experiences an epiphany that convinces them to change something or to alter the course of their life. Indeed, it is when someone is at the lowest point of their life that spiritual healing is most essentially needed.

Here are some of the great ways to start your spiritual healing journey:

  • Take care of your body

Your body is one of your prized possessions. When you take care of your body, everything else about you (including your heart and your mind) will start to feel good. If you want your spiritual journey to take you to genuine healing, then you must start it by establishing body practices that will make you healthier and more well-rounded. Some of the things you can do to start achieving a healthy body includes eating healthily, exercising regularly, getting an appropriate amount of sleep every night, and taking a break every once in a while.

  • Free your mind

Aside from your body, your mind is also a gem that you should be caring for. The human mind, in essence, is a powerful thing. It has limitless potentials. For this reason, it is important that you allow your mind to be untethered, to explore and reach its highest potential. In other words, you need to free your mind. You can do this by pursuing intellectual challenges such as reading or taking a class, by practicing meditation, or by simply telling your stories through speaking up or writing.

  • Purify your relationships

Purifying your relationships means reducing or eradicating the toxic energy that you receive every day. This toxic energy can come from a lot of sources: work, relationships, the internet, and so on. In order to lessen the toxicity in your life, confront the things that have been changing you for the worse (even if it sometimes means confronting yourself). Reflect on the things that you have been doing – are you practicing genuine love every day or is your heart just full of comparisons and judgement? Also, analyze your relationships with others – ask whether or not you are both giving and receiving in your relationships. Remember, in order for a relationship to be healthy, it should be balanced like the yin and yang.

  • Enhance your connection with the Higher Being

Spiritual healing is about finding a connection to something greater than yourself. Of course, there is nothing greater in this world than the Higher Being Himself. God, above all, is the ultimate truth. He alone can give you complete forgiveness. More so, He is the only one who can love you unconditionally without judgement. Because of this, a great spiritual healing journey involves reconnecting with the Higher Being and creating an intimate and sacred relationship with Him. You can start doing this by praying and simply talking to Him. Remember, in this world full of noise, God will hear you even with your tiniest voice.

Overall, spiritual healing is great way to reconnect with oneself. In this day and age, when everything happens so fast, it is easy to lose track of your own self. It is difficult to sit back, take the time, and contemplate because you are so afraid that the fast-paced world may leave you behind. However, as a human being, your strength and capabilities are limited. You are wired to take a rest, recharge, and reflect. Otherwise, you are putting your health, relationships, and connections at risk of burning out. In order to live a well-balanced life, always take some time to stay still. Whenever you feel like you are already running out of energy to keep going, never hesitate to go through the process of spiritual healing.

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